Welcome to the Bomber Command Commemorative Day’s Website.

This site is managed by the Bomber Command Association in Australia Inc. It was set up as the official site for Commemorative events.

Here you will find information regarding the events and commemorative ceremonies for Bomber Command. As well additional information relating to the Bomber Command community will be posted here an on our other site           http://www.bombercommandassociation.org.au

Under the umbrella of the Bomber Command Association in Australia a sub-committee  was established in 2007 to initiate memorial ceremonies in all states of Australia as well as the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. The committee is known as the Bomber Command Commemorative Day Foundation.  This initiative has been very successful with  committees working either independently or with RAAFA personnel to mount ceremonies in each state. The NSW ceremony is organised by the Bomber Command Association in Australia.

The Wreathlaying Ceremony, held in Canberra each year on the first Sunday in June, now ranks as the third most attended ceremony at the Australian War Memorial, after ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

                                                                     In 2017  

   Highlights will be the 10th year of Commemorative Ceremonies ….also celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Australian Squadrons in Bomber Command. 

                                                                    In 2018

     The Opening of The International Bomber Command Centre    

                                                  Thursday  April 12