Legion of Honour

France Honours Australian Second World War Veterans in Australia

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the second World War, the French Republic has decided to honour veterans who fought for the liberation of France by awarding them to the rank of Chevalier in the Legion of Honour. Paying tribute to those who served, is one way France can express gratitude toward those who risked their lives defending liberty.

The French Legion of Honour is an order of distinction first established by Napoleon Bonaparte in May 1802. It is the highest decoration bestowed in France. The Legion of Honour is the highest French decoration which recognises distinguished service for France. The award of such a decoration is decided by the President of the French Republic, subject to very strict rules. The delivery of the Legion of Honour is the subject of a solemn ceremony in which a French authority representative thanks the recipient for their services for France.

The above paragraphs are from the attached document. Details are given on how to apply. The application form is also attached.

France Honours Australian World War Veterans in Australia-OZ

Veteran_nomination_form legion of honor

Legion of Honour medals have been awarded to the following Australian Aircrew

Robert Cowper, Stuart Davies, Phillip Elger, Bill Evans Ronald Houghton, Bill Purdy,Thomas Lofthouse, Ralph Chilcott, Keith Levitt, Richard McKenzie, Fred Phillips,Tony Adams.Angus Hughes, Murray Maxton, Eric Maxton, Ronald Cleaver, James Coulter, Denis Kelly, Donald McDonald, Keith Stevens.

Ranks and decorations to be added when I have them all


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  1. Fay McPherson says:

    My husband Gerald McPherson received the Legion of Honour in 2015 and his friend Ron Fitch received it in 2016. You may wish to check on this information Signed Fay McPherson

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