Portraits of Veterans

On Monday the 25th of June, we were lucky enough to have professional photographer Glen Arkadieff visit the hotel and take some beautiful photos of veterans.  Here is a selection:

Lloyd Trotter. Rank – Flight Lieutenant. Squadron – 138 SD R.A.F. Type of plane – Halifax. 11 Missions. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Lloyd Trotter. Details as above. Close-up of medals.  Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Robert Chester-Master. Rank – Flying Officer (Rear Gunner). Squadron – 514 (based at Waterbeach nr Cambridge). Type of Plane – Lancaster. 13 Missions. Shot down on 13th Aug. over Belgium on last mission. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Robert Chester-Master. Close-up picture of gravestone of crew who died. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Jim Cahir. Rank – Warrant Officer. Squadron – 466 R.A.A.F. Type of plane – Halifax. 3 Missions.  Close up on Caterpillar badge. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Charles (Victor) Henderson. Rank – Warrant Officer – later on Flight Lieutenant. Squadron – 150 R.A.F. Type of plane – Lancaster / Halifax. (32 missions). Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Don (Hux) Huxtable. Rank – Flight Lieutenant (Pilot). Squadron – 463. Type of plane – Lancaster. 1 Tour ( 32 missions). Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Don Huxtable. Details as above. Close-up of medals. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Keith Anderson. Rank – Flying Officer. Squadron – 158 R.A.F. Type of plane – Halifax. 1 Tour (32 missions). Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Leslie Gordon. Rank – Flight Sergeant. Squadron – 75 NZ. Type of plane – Lancaster. 20 Missions. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Kathleen Mary (Molly) Gordon. Wireless operator. Women’s auxiliary airforce section, R.A.F. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.

Sheila Henderson, Nee Howes. W.A.F Dental Nurse. Photographs by: Glen Arkadieff.


Contact Glen Arkadieff at glen_ark@hotmail.com

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7 Responses to Portraits of Veterans

  1. John says:

    Salt water in my eyes making focussing on photos difficult.

  2. Annie says:

    These photos are fantastic. Can you tell me if Terry Malcolm (my Dad) got one done?I ‘m hoping he did, though knowing him….

  3. Robyn Kelly says:

    They are beautiful photos, My Dad Ray Kelly was in Squadron 463 – Rear gunner and wireless operator – trained in Canada and now lives in Wagga Wagga NSW. Still alive and wishes he was there with you all. from Robyn Kelly (Ray’s Daughter)

  4. Hi Annie… I’ve gone threw the list and I’m afraid I didn’t manage to get your dad Terry. was he with the holiday Inn ? I tried to get as many as possible. I would have liked to of got all 100 or so that came over. He might be in a few of the group shots. I’ll be posting them in the near future. I’m slowly going threw the images in my down time. There’s quiet a lot there…

  5. Sue Henderson says:

    Thank you so much Glen. The portraits are absolutely gorgeous. My parents are Vic and Sheila Henderson and I’m so proud of their achievemnt in attending this event. All the veterans have done amazingly well. These photos are so beautiful I cried when I saw my parents. Some extra information for you: Dad (Charles Victor Philp Henderson) from Brisbane, QLD, was a Wireless Air Gunner, RAAF but seconded to Squadron – 150 RAF at Hemswell.
    Thank you,
    Sue Henderson

  6. Sandra says:

    Those faces still tell so many stories Glen, a gifted photographer indeed. Heard the story on Macca this morning and just had to see them for myself……so worth it. Sandra.

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